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We run a comprehensive Careers Programme which is age-appropriate and spans years 7-13.  In order to give the very best education advice and guidance, we focus on the CDI framework. We have made use of the Step Up programme and follow the Gatsby Benchmarks to ensure all our students have access to a wide range of employers.  We are committed to ensuring that all of our students are fully aware of the possibilities open to them in every sector of employment. As well as providing students with the academic foundations to succeed, we pride ourselves on the wide range of opportunities we provide, from Year 7 through to Year 13, for students to explore future pathways and receive quality advice and guidance so that they are able to make the right choices, whether that be Further Education, Higher Education, an apprenticeship or employment.

We have a variety of experiences open to our students, from collaborating in virtual and live careers workshops to visiting or inviting employers and universities to visit.  The highlight of our year is the careers fair that takes place in February, which the whole school participates in and is particularly helpful to our year 9 students to consider their options. Our year 11 and 12 are also inspired to think about their careers path as well.

We offer all year 11 and 6th form students a one to one careers interview with a follow-up action plan and support to follow it.

Activities and events are organised by departments, who have Careers education at the heart of their curriculum.  This includes visits and trips, visitors from university and local businesses, opportunities to participate in competitions, STEM activities and projects.

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Careers Lead: Mrs C Harding 

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