Work Experience

During lockdown schools have had to become even more creative with the way students are catered for.  There are still companies and businesses who have a ‘work from home’ instruction and we have had to work around that. Virtual Work Experience (VWEX) is an alternative which can provide the opportunity for students to gain experience in the workplace, develop their skills, boost their employability and explore new industries and job roles. We are encouraging students from Years 10 to 13 to explore websites like and to sign up for a meaningful VWEx over the holidays.  Alternatively, students can arrange a face to face Work Experience placement over the summer that would be even more worthwhile. Please speak to Mrs Harding if you would like more information on how to arrange your own face to face work experience.


The benefits of Virtual Work Experience

We have ensured that students have the opportunity to take part in experiences that really interest them, rather than doing something simply because it is close and available. We now have a situation where location does not need to be a limiting factor.  Students have now been able to take part in medical, legal and business opportunities which they would not have had access to previously. Virtual experiences are generally free of charge and without travel expenses, makes it an opportunity that everyone can benefit from. Doing virtual experiences during the holidays has meant that students have been able to build up their confidence and search for a face to face experience towards the end of their time with us. In addition, work will undoubtedly be more flexible in the future, with a combination of face to face working as well as virtual video calls and meetings and possibly more working from home opportunities. 

Working from home comes with its challenges and needs a very specific skills set; for example organisation, self-motivation and time management. Any individual needs self-discipline in order to work remotely and to deadlines. Therefore, having the chance to do virtual work experience is vital in helping young people to decide if this kind of work is going to suit them.

The following heading are a range of virtual work experiences.  We get new opportunities almost every month, so keep returning to see new programmes and experiences.

Job Sectors

Medicine, Health and Social Care




General employability