Communication between home and school

Parent Communication with the school 2020/2021

The following outlines communication between home and school. All communication must respect the dignity of the recipient.

Verbal communication

1. Please email the subject teacher/ form tutor with your queries in the first instance

Email communication

1. Within 48 hours - receipt of an email will be acknowledged by Atam staff

2. Within 5 working days – Atam staff will provide a response to the email by telephone or in writing (including an email). This may include informing the sender that more time is required to provide a full response. If this is the case staff will indicate a timeframe in which a response should be expected.

3. If a member of staff is not able to deal with the email directly then they will pass it on to the most appropriate person and inform the sender that they have done so.

4. Atam staff will not be expected to monitor or respond to emails out of their normal working hours (including weekends and published school holidays). Whilst parents may compose emails at hours to suit their own needs I would ask that emails are not normally sent outside of a member of staff's normal working hours.

5. Whilst this is rare, if a member of staff receives an email which is of an aggressive tone, sets unreasonable demands or could otherwise be interpreted as harassing, they will refer this to a senior Leader in the school.

6. Any communication to the Executive Headteacher should be directed firstly to who will liaise directly with the Headteacher regarding your query.